Real Time Implementation Of A Hybrid Esc Approach For Maximizing The Extracted Photovoltaic Power Under Partial Shading Conditions
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university of Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela
University of Mohamed Kheider ,Biskra
Corresponding author
Menadi Abdelkrim   

university of Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela
Power Electronics and Drives 2024;9 (44)
Solar energy, an available and renewable resource. The primary emphasis lies in the significance of maximizing power output for economic considerations. In terms of optimizing power generation, the implementation of MPPT techniques is imperative. A range of approaches, such as Super Twisting Control and modified ESC, are explored for their potential in enhancing the efficiency of power generation systems. The efficacy of the MPPT algorithm is assessed across diverse conditions, encompassing scenarios with load variations and fluctuating irradiances . The experimental setup involves essential components such as a photovoltaic generator, a boost converter, and a resistive load. This comprehensive testing aims to evaluate the algorithm's performance under varying circumstances. The system is modeled, simulated using Matlab/Simulink, and implemented using a Dspace 1104 card. . The integration of both Super Twisting Control and modified ESC methods proves advantageous by diminishing response time in the seeking process while concurrently ensuring a consistent and smooth operation in the permanent regime. This combined approach has undergone practical implementation and testing across diverse conditions. The results affirm the method's ability to deliver efficient and stable performance across a spectrum of operating conditions
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