Nonlinear optimal control for a gas compressor actuated by a five-phase induction motor
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Industrial Systems Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Department of ECS Engineering Troy, 12065, NY, USA
Université Setif I Department of Electrical Engineering Setif, 19000, Algeria
University of Salerno Department of Management and Innovation Systems Fisciano, 84084, Italy
Corresponding author
Gerasimos G. Rigatos   

Industrial Systems Institute
Power Electronics and Drives 2023;8(Special Section - Advanced Control Methods of Electrical Machines and Drives )
The article proposes a nonlinear optimal control method for a gas centrifugal compressor actuated by a five-phase induction motor. To achieve high-torque and power in gas compressors, five-phase induction motors appear to be advantageous comparing to three-phase synchronous or asynchronous electric machines. The dynamic model of the integrated compression system which comprises the gas compressor and the five-phase induction motor, is first written in a nonlinear and multivariable state-space form. It is proven that the electrically-driven gas-compression system is differentially flat. Next, this system is linearized around a temporary operating point that is recomputed at each sampling interval. The linearization is based on first-order Taylor series expansion and the computation of the Jacobian matrices of the state-space model of the integrated system. For the linearized state-space description of the compressor and five-phase IM a stabilizing optimal (H-infinity) feedback controller is designed. This controller achieves a solution to the nonlinear optimal control problem of the compressor and five-phase IM system under model uncertainty and external perturbations. The feedback gains of the controller are computed by solving an algebraic Riccati equation at each iteration of the control method. Lyapunov analysis is used to demonstrate global stability for the control loop.
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