Enhancing PV Systems with Intelligent MPPT and Improved control strategy of Z-Source Inverter
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LGEB, University of Mohamed Khidar , Biskra, Algeria
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Bettahar Bettahar Fares   

LGEB, University of Mohamed Khidar , Biskra, Algeria
Power Electronics and Drives 2024;9 (44)
The Improved Z-Source Inverter (IZSI) has gained attention in the photovoltaic industry for its ability to boost PV voltage with a single-stage to-pology, simplifying system design and reducing costs. However, research on integrating IZSI into PV systems, particularly regarding the Maxi-mum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and IZSI control strategy, is limited. This study proposes an Intelligent Improved Particle Swarm Optimiza-tion (IPSO) algorithm as an MPPT method for PV systems under constant and varying irradiance conditions. The IPSO algorithm is compared to the traditional MPPT algorithm, and the results demonstrate that IPSO outperforms the traditional algorithm in terms of speed, efficiency, and convergence in finding the Maximum Power Point (MPP). Two methods, Sine-Based Carrier (SBC) and Triangular Hysteresis-Based Modula-tion Current Control for Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (THIMCBC), are employed to control IZSI. Simulation results using MATLAB-Simulink show that both strategies successfully find and track the MPP, but THIMCBC exhibits superior voltage-boosting performance com-pared to SBC. Overall, the proposed IZSI topology with the IPSO MPPT method and THIMCBC IZSI control strategy offer several advantages, including improved voltage boost ability, reduced z-source capacitor voltage stress, inherent inrush current limitation, and cost-effectiveness. These advantages make the proposed system a promising solution for photovoltaic systems.
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