A Hybrid Energy Storage System with Reconfigurability and Fast Equalization
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Chalmers University of Technology
Bowen Jiang   

Chalmers University of Technology
Power Electronics and Drives 2022;7 (42)
With the rapid growth of electric vehicles in recent years, the research on their energy storage systems also shows great popularity. A traditional ESS normally has a fixed configuration. However, this traditional design has some limitations, such as low flexibility and high requirements to unit consistency. To solve these problems, a new hybrid energy storage system is proposed in this paper. The proposed ESS hybridizes multiple lithium-ion battery modules and one supercapacitor module. By controlling the states of switches inside the ESS topology, module level reconfiguration can be achieved. What’s more, a DC/DC converter is also included in the ESS topology, which is connected to the supercapacitor module and can be used to ensure correct ESS output voltage. Reconfiguration and active balancing algorithms are also given based on the proposed ESS topology. The proposed hybrid ESS is finally verified with simulations. The system model is built in the Simulink/MATLAB environment. Simulation results show that lithium-ion modules with lower state of charge values have higher priorities to be connected in parallel. Reconfiguration actions are able to balance all lithium-ion battery modules within one WLTC simulation cycle while maintaining ESS output voltage within a correct range.