Informations about review process

During reviewing process the reviewer is obliged to state whether there is a conflict of interest. Then he should check whether the ethical requirements are met. If this second condition is not fulfilled (eg. the work bears the hallmarks of plagiarism), the article is rejected.
During the second part of the reviewing process the detailed evaluation of the manuscript is performed. The reviewer assesses the compliance of the article subject with the profile of the journal,
Reviewer check the scope of the paper, significancy, novelty of the issues raised and structure of the paper (abstract, keywords, way of the presentation, discussion quality, references, etc.). Significancy of the obtained results is one of the most important issues evaluated by the reviewer.
Reviewer also checks the English grammar and spelling, correct PED format of a paper.
All the above aspects of the article are rated on a scale of 0-6. If any of the aspects is rated at 0, the article is rejected.
The reviewer is required to provide a detailed comments and assessment for the authors and editors.
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