Informations about reviewing process

During reviewing process the reviewer is obliged to state whether there is a conflict of interest. Then he/she should check whether the ethical requirements are met. If this second condition is not fulfilled (eg. the work bears the hallmarks of plagiarism), the article is rejected.
During the second part of the reviewing process the detailed evaluation of the manuscript is performed. The reviewer assesses the compliance of the article subject with the profile of the journal,
Reviewer check the scope of the paper, significance, novelty of the issues raised and structure of the paper (abstract, keywords, way of the presentation, discussion quality, references, etc.). Significance of the obtained results is one of the most important issues evaluated by the reviewer.
Reviewer also checks the English grammar and spelling, correct PED format of a paper.
All the above aspects of the manuscript are rated on a scale of 0-6. If any of the aspects is rated at 0, the article is rejected.
The reviewer is required to provide a detailed comments and assessment for the authors and editors.

Form for Reviewer: Form for reviewer.pdf

List of reviewers in PED:

Haitham Abu-Rub, Qatar
Vanja Ambrozic, Slovenia
Alexander Balakhontsev, Ukraine
Murat Barut, Turkey
Brendan Barry, Ireland
Frede Blaabjerg, Denmark
Monia Bouzid, Tunisia
Stefan Brock, Poland
Tomasz Drabek, Poland
Obrad Dordevic, United Kingdom
Aleksander Dziadecki, Poland
Michal Frivaldsky, Slovak Republic
Peter Girovsky, Slovak Republic
Marcin Gurbiel, Germany
Lukas Gorel, Slovak Republic
Dominik Górski, Poland
Wu Haimeng, United Kingdom
Krisztián Horváth, Hungary
Marko Hinkkanen, Finland
Diarmaid Hogan, Ireland
Yihua Hu, United Kingdom
Remzi Inan, Turkey
Wojciech Jarzyna, Poland
Marek Jasinski, Poland
Martin Jones, United Kingdom
Lu Jiadong, China
Jacek Kabziński, Poland
Jarosław Kacerka, Poland
Piotr Kołodziejek, Poland
Marek Korzeniewski, Poland
Krzysztof Krykowski, Poland
Zbigniew Krzemiński, Poland
Stefan Kulig, Germany
Karol Kyslan, Slovak Republic
Alvaro Luna, Spain
Arkadiusz Lewicki, Poland
Zbigniew Lisik, Poland
Mariusz Malinowski, Poland
Pavol Makyš, Slovak Republic
Sujith Mini, China
Eric Monmasson, France
Edward O' Dwyer, United Kingdom
Joseph Rex, India
Tomasz Pajchrowski, Poland
Stefan Paszek, Poland
Wojciech Pietrowski, Poland
Alex Ruderman, Russia
Sergey Ryvkin, Russia
Demir Rıdvan, Turkey
Michał Rolak, Poland
Wieslaw Sabat, Poland
Robert Smolenski, Poland
Vitezslav Styskala, Czech Republic
Piotr Serkies, Poland
Saarakkala Seppo, Finland
Song Sen, China
Maciej Sułowicz, Poland
Kadawane Sumant, India
Grzegorz Sieklucki, Poland
Andrzej Sikorski, Poland
Robert Stala, Poland
Grzegorz Tarchała, Poland
Bronisław Tomczuk, Poland
Petr Toman, Czech Republic
Bartlomiej Ufnalski, Poland
Jan Vittek, Slovak Republic
Liuping Wang, Australia
Marcin Wolkiewicz, Poland,
Zbigniew Waradzyn, Poland
Haimeng Wu, United Kingdom
Emrah Zerdali, Turkey
Jayanand B, Trichur
Marcin Baszyński, Poland
Adishesha CS, India
Andrzej Dębowski, Poland
Dan Floricau, Romania
Lucas Gorel, Slovak Republik
Krisztian Horvath, Hungary
Remzi Inan, Turkey
Cezary Jędryczka, Poland
Zbigniew Kaczmarczyk, Poland
Marian Kaźmierkowski, Poland
Kamil Klimkowski, Poland
Piotr Kołodziejek, Poland
Arkadiusz Lewicki, Poland
Jiadong Lu, China
Witold Mazgaj, Poland
Enrique Melgoza, Maxico
Kai Ni, United Kingdom
Gyorgy Racz, Hungary
Boris Reznikov, Russia
Karoly Veszpremi, Hungary
Marcin Zygmanowski, Poland

List of reviewers in individual years
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