Associate Editors
Power electronic converters for drives, renewable energy systems and smart grid technologies
Brendan Ch. Barry, Ireland
Jacek Rąbkowski, Poland

Power electronic for different application; education issues in power electronics and drives
Yihua Hu, UK
Robert Stala, Poland

Intelligent control in power electronics and drives; motion control, mechatronics
Stefan Brock, Poland

State variable estimation for AC and DC drives; measurement systems in industrial automation, sensors
Karol Kyslan, Slovak Republic

Diagnostics in power electronics and drive systems, electrical machines modeling, simulations and analysis
Alexander Balakhontsev, Ukraine

Industrial drives, power consumption and energy efficiency
Ritesh Keshri, India

Transportation, energy management and energy efficiency, system integration
Anand Raghavendra Rao, India
ISSN (print):2451-0262