Analysis of Direct Torque Control with Space Vector Modulation for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Motion Control Applications and a Comparison with Other Torque-Control Algorithms
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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Tibor Vajsz   

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Motion control is facing an increasing popularity in the present research activities. Due to the expected wide spread-ing of motion control applications it can be predicted that the advancements in the field electric motor drives will have a high level of influence on the new results in the field of motion control. The synchronous reluctance motor drives mean an excellent and yet cost-effective solution for actuators in motion control applications. In this article the direct torque control with space vector modulation (DTC-SVM) is analysed as a possible candidate for synchronous reluc-tance motor motion control applications. Its torque-control performance is investigated in the function of torque-control sample time and a comparison of the torque-ripples is made with other torque-control algorithms by an FFT-analysis.
ISSN (print):2451-0262