Reviewing procedure
1. Associate Editors, selected by Editors according to the topic of the article, appoint at least two independent reviewers coming from scientific institution other than the one affiliated by the author(s) of the publication.

2. The author(s) of the paper and the reviewers do not know each other (double-blind review process); in other cases the reviewers sign a declaration of no conflict of interest (on the review form). In this procedure the conflict of interest means occurrence of direct personal relationship between the reviewer and the author (particularly, kinship, marriage, etc.), supervisor-subordinate relationship or direct scientific cooperation within last two years preceding the reviewing process.

3. The PE&D journal has implemented the procedure to guarantee that the scientific works are original (so called "ghostwriting barrier") – the author(s) sign the declaration of copyrights to the submitted paper and that the paper has not been published elsewhere so far.
In addition, before submitting the article to AE, the editorial office checks the similarity ratio of the article using professional software provided by the publisher (DG-Sciendo Poland). If this ratio exceeds 30%, the authors are asked to introduce changes or the article is rejected if the similarity coefficient is greater than 35%.
The editor requires the authors of the publication to disclose the contribution of each author to the publication and information about the sources of financing the publication during the procedure of submitting the article to the editorial office.
The detailed ethical guidelines describing the relations between the Editor and authors, reviewers and readers are given in (Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.)

4. A written review comprises explicit conclusion of the reviewer regarding the conditions of acceptance of the paper to publish or of its rejection.

5. Criteria used to accept or to reject the publication and the review form are displayed on the website of the magazine (Form for reviewer.pdf).

6. The names of the reviewers of the articles are not disclosed.

7. The list of the reviewers cooperating with the PE&D journal is available to the public on the website.
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